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Hey Thu-Oanh, this is your ex-roommate breaking into your LiveJournal to say...


here's to many more nacho&cheese nights, bailey's, and shopping escapades!!

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my vibrator just died. as in my PHONE's vibrator for all you sick folks out there. so i really have no way of knowing whether or not anyone calls me unless i leave it on ring. at least i get a new phone in 3 months?

i went out to eat yesterday, and here's me trying to order. go figure...

me: i'd like to get the spicy chicken phad thai.
waiter: i'm sorry, but we don't have any spicy chicken phad thai. we have phad thai that we can make spicy?
me: uh.... ok...then could i get the phad thai, spicy?
waiter: sure
me: can i get that with chicken too?
waiter: of course.

WTF? did i miss something here? sigh.

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homeland/thailand in one day. have i packed yet? no. am i done unpacking from uw? no. oy. i *think* i might be a procrastinator???

i saw dodgeball on friday. it was....not like zoolander. i guess it would have been funnier if i didn't see all the funny parts in the commercials. and i do mean all.

allergies still suck. oy. anywho. everybody have a great month+week w/o me! i'm sure you guys have waited for this day for a very long time. i KNOW for a fact that some of you guys are praying that i get sars or the chicken flu and die. hmph! well i'll just have you know that i'll try my best to bring it back here and infect you guys with my asian diseases. anywhowho. i'll be back july 28th so give me a ringy dingy! hehe. i will be tan tan tan! wheeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!